Thursday, July 9, 2015

Reasons to Love Chalk Paint

Restoring furniture can be really fun & rewarding, but we all know it can be very time consuming.
You have to take so many different things into account when giving your furniture a makeover, like: style of the furniture, will it need sanding, would it look best with a vintage/distressed look, or does it just need to be re-stained. These are all things that go through my head before starting a project. 
I've worked with a variety of paints over the years but one of my standout favorites is chalk paint. 

If you have a piece of furniture that you need to revamp or spruce-up without very much prep work, chalk paint is for you! I like sanding as much as the next DIYer but it takes a ton of time & makes quite a bit of mess. With chalk paint, I can realistically finish a project within a couple hours. 

As a seasoned multi-tasker, I really appreciate how forgiving chalk paint can be. If you develop any drips in between coats, you can easily sand the mess off & re-paint it. Yup, you don't have to be a pro to get great results.

Another thing I like about chalk paint is that its fairly inexpensive. You can buy the pre-made store stuff but if you're anything like me & have a dozen different paint colors in your garage, it's really easy to mix your own batch. If you're interested in mixing your own chalk paint, here is my recipe: 2 Tbsp unsanded grout + 1 Cup of flat/eggshell latex Paint. 

Not only does this paint cover really well but it seems to last forever! I just finished a dresser & nightstand using two cups of paint/2 coats each. So even if you buy the pre-made stuff, it'll be worth the money!

Here is a picture of our old dresser in the guest bedroom that was in need of a new coat of paint. It looks in extra bad shape because I  remembered to snap the picture midway through removing the hardware. Gotta love mommy-brain:D!
Have you used chalk paint before? What do you or hate?