Sunday, August 16, 2015

Clean Family Fun

We had quite the eventful day on Saturday with the tennis tournament, a party & the house to clean. Although I'm usually not super excited about the latter, I've recently upgraded from my Dyson Animal to the Dyson V6 Absolute and it's been making a world of difference in & out of the home{more on this later}. 
Our girls are starting to really enjoy tennis! We have been practicing with them for the last couple years (not as much as we probably should) but enough that its started a desire to play & watch. Kyle & I met playing tennis during our college years & it's still something we both love to do together. I don't know that we will ever lose our love for it. Even as I sat & watched the qualifying rounds{very pregnant, mind you} I was itching to get out and hit some tennis balls! 
The Western & Southern tournament is one of our favorite tournaments. It's the tournament right before the US Open, so all the top players attend it to be in top form for the following major. It has a very enjoyable atmosphere & the players feel it too & are really friendly & relaxed! 
We wanted to spend most of the day at the tournament, but with the scorching heat and house needing to be cleaned we decided to head home a bit early.

I mentioned earlier about our newest cleaning arsenal the V6 Absolute. It's Dyson's newest cordless technology that makes cleaning so much easier & enjoyable. This little guys is powerful too, it gives you the power of an upright in a concise five pounds. We own the Animal as well, and although it's still going strong, I was very excited for all the extras included with the V6 Absolute. Something I like about both vacuums is how light they are & the freedom they allow to move from room to room without worrying about bulky cords to plug in. 

It also makes cleaning so much faster since you can just whip it out & clean the little messes that happen throughout the day{rather than waiting until you've got a noticeable mess to clean up}. 

Even though your home may look clean,microscopic dust can remain hidden in floor crevices or ground into the carpet. Within this dust are allergens, and inhaling even a small amount is enough to trigger an allergic reaction. With two little girls who seem to spend more time on the floor than anywhere else, I can really appreciate the HEPA filtration system inside the Dyson. Which is able to capture allergens & expel cleaner air. 

They've also tweaked & optimized the software running the motor to create even more suction power than its predecessors. 
This soft roller cleaner head is pretty awesome too. Dyson radically redesigned the traditional cleaner head to vacuum hard floors more efficiently. Basically, this tackles both big & small debris on hard floors{yup, that includes the fine dust that other handhelds couldn't pick up}.

The V6 Absolute is the first cordless machine to include two Dyson engineered cleaner heads: soft roller cleaner head, as well as Motorhead. The first is ideal for hard floors & the latter is perfect for carpets.
 Dyson is always pretty good about providing you with the right tools for the task at hand. But, I think this time they were Extra generous with their brush attachments & tools{take a look below}. My favorites are: the mini motorized tool that cleans your mattress{more on that here} & the multi-angle tool that gets to all those hard to reach places like on top of your cabinets & ceiling fans.
Now that we have these extra attachments, it also makes cleaning our car SO much easier! The flexi-crevice tool is amazing for cleaning in between car seats! I find the 6 minutes of "Max" mode more than enough to vacuum my mats & trunk. Plus, switching attachments is really straightforward & simple to do{This use to be so intimidating with other vacuums}.  I think in general: Dyson has done a great job of engineering everything to be really easy & user-friendly. You don't have to read the manuals to figure out how to use it or empty it, it's all very intuitive!

If you've had your eye on this ~TODAY is the day to get it! QVC has an amazing sale going on for August 16th, 2015. So hurry on over & get your very own Dyson V6 Absolute Cordless vacuum