Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Command Center & Back To School Helpers

Today I am sharing a couple tips for making mornings & life just a tad bit easier as part of a collaboration with #CollectiveBias inc. & Jimmy Dean. As always all opinions are my own! #FuelForSchool #ad;)
I recently talked about la Merienda and how I've started implementing more of my Mexican heritage into our girl's life. The most important being: making meals a social occasion. Because not only will that help nourish & strengthen relationships but it will also create wonderful memories of comfort. 

With our baby girl due to arrive in October, I've been planning ahead and trying to figure out ways to keep our household running smoothly. Something we've started doing lately to mitigate stress in the mornings is opting for quick & easy comfort foods. Our current favorites are Jimmy Dean® Sausage, Egg & Cheese croissant breakfast sandwiches. What I like about these{aside from being great quality breakfast solutions} is that they are super hearty, which keep Mallorie {my 1st grader in all day school}, fueled & satisfied until lunch time.
Even though Hayden doesn't start school for another couple weeks, she hasn't wanted to miss out on the yummy snacks{aka State Fair® Classic Corn Dogs}. These honey sweetened cornbread corn dogs are her favorite! She looks forward to lunch just as much as her big sister!
The second thing we've done to make life a little easier is revamp our home's command center. It seems like once you have school aged kids, organization is the only way to stay on top of everything. Plus, I am super forgetful, so this will definitely help keep the mommy-brain at bay.
Our command center is pretty simple and concise. I'm sure you've seen your share of command centers, some of which taking over entire walls. I knew I didn't want that for ours. I just needed it to be practical{ hold our important documents & keep track of dates & appointments}. 
So here is what's on our command center: monthly calendars, cork, notepad, Chalkboard/dinner menu, clip boards, hooks{to hang backpacks} and file folders. 
 Eventually I want the clipboards to exclusively hold the girl's chore charts but for now they serve as much needed inspiration:).
 This is where I keep all of our important documents: like school paperwork, weekly menus, bills, receipts & baby information. It is so much easier having these up on the wall in a central location as opposed to on a desk somewhere.
 I also made this cute weekly menu printable to make meal planning more fun{you can print it here}.
Do you have school aged kiddos? How do you minimize stress in the mornings? 
I am feeling so much better about the new school year now that we have an organized system in place & effortless meals picked out! 
Have you already stocked up on easy back to school meals? If not, be sure to check out your local Walmart for your favorite Jimmy Dean® & State Fair® products.
What are your favorite back to school tips & tricks?