Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Disney Villains Party + Descendants Silhouettes

For this party-post I have teamed up with  #CollectiveBias Inc. & its advertiser to show you some easy ways to throw a #Disney #VillainDescendants party. Per the usual, all opinions are my own! #ad;)
Like most little girls their age, my daughters have a fascination with princesses & well, really anything Disney. And so it's no surprise their curiosity was piqued when they saw Disney Channel's original movie trailer for Descendants.
If you're not tuned-in to all things Disney & haven't heard of it: it's about the next generation of villains, mixed in with some fun dancing & great singing. Here is the preview, if you'd like to take a look at it.

There aren't too many movies both my kids & I get excited about, but this one definitely got my attention. So I thought it'd be really fun to throw a premiere party & have friends over to enjoy the movie with us. I wanted to keep everything very simple & low-key {because I have a habit of going a bit overboard on decor & food}.

If you read my blog, you know I'm well versed on the princess themed activities & parties. And with soon-to-be three little girls under our roof, we have many more years of princess parties ahead of us. But a villains party is much more unique {& cool}. I went with Maleficent's colors, since she's my favorite villain. I tried to strike the right balance between fun & spooky without making our decor seem overly young. Here's a peek at our Descendants party...
I got my highly anticipated silhouette machine {This is the one I have} last week & I couldn't wait to create something special with it. I knew I wanted to have the Descendants main villains {Jafar, Maleficent, Evil Queen, Cruella De Vil} be the focal point of the party. So, I uploaded their images, traced them & turned them into silhouettes then cut them out on vinyl. It was super easy, & only took a few minutes per villain! This is totally my new favorite gadget!

 Click Here  if you'd like to download all four villain's silhouettes to replicate this for your own party {PDF versions now available};).
Mallorie & Hayden woke up to this, and they made it their mission to sample all of our "poison" to make sure it was ready for our guests:).
My favorite question of the day was..."are these really poisonous". Kids just say the cutest things!
Once the movie got going the kiddos were entranced!
Here's what we had on our poisonous menu: Candy {Swedish fish & worms},
snacks {pretzels & popcorn}, fruit {grapes}, sandwiches, dessert {cupcakes & jigglers}. 
These poisoned apple jigglers were super tasty & a breeze to make! {Here's the recipe: You boil 4 cups of Grape juice.Then combine 4 Gelatine packets with hot juice & refrigerate overnight.Then you'll simply cut them using your favorite cookie-cutters}.
No villains party would be complete without a cute little animal being held against its will:). 
I added some leftover jigglers to the bottom of our drinks to give them a little flair.
The tablecloth was made up of two very different fabrics{a purple floral & a cascading black taffeta}. I love the look!
I personalized the cupcakes by adding these stickers onto toothpicks.
We had such a fun Descendants premiere! If you didn't get a chance to see it live, you can pick up the DVD at Walmart. Our girls loved it so much we had to pick up the movie & soundtrack! We found both on the new release's end caps. 
Would you ever throw a villains party? Who is your favorite Disney villain?