Thursday, August 27, 2015

DIY Frosted Window Privacy Film

So, today's project has been a long time coming{ten months to be exact}. I know I've mentioned before about my love of windows & how we have them in abundance now in our new place. And although, the light that flows in is very beautiful, I would rather maintain a little bit of privacy, especially in our foyer. You could opt for window treatments but this way you still retain a bit of daylight. So, I decided to make a privacy film and give myself a little peace of mind. 

The first step was making a stencil & layout. I used my handy Silhouette machine to make the project a bit more manageable. You could totally do this by hand, but that would be like a full day's project & I just don't have that kind of patience{or time}.
I measured the windows & made sure the stencil would fit perfectly before making any cuts. 
Then, I put the contact paper on my mat & let the machine do the tedious intricate work.
 Then I simply pulled them off & attached them onto our window.
 This takes a bit of time since you have to line them up & make sure they are spaced properly. But it's totally worth it!
 I really like the finished product. Glad I went with the frosted Moroccan stencil! Here is the stencil, If you would like to give this a try.
The nice thing about this project, is that if you decide you don't love the look you can easily take it down.
Are you a fan of the frosted privacy film?