Friday, August 14, 2015

Ultimate Summer Party

Summer is my favorite season & I couldn't let it pass without throwing one more party with friends! This post is a collaboration with Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. Per the usual: all opinions are all mine. #ShareFunshine #CollectiveBias 
Even though Summer is still going strong, It's not going to feel like it for us once we jump back into school routines & aren't able to go on spur-of-the-moment adventures. So we wanted to throw one more big summer bash before all the funshine{the happiness associated with summer} went away. I feel like we've had our fair share of trips & parties this summer, but sadly the hubby hasn't had a chance to partake in most of them. So, we decided to have a couples date night party, that's right no little ones running around for this one{well except for our escape-artists, who tried their best to not go to bed:)}! 

I had so much fun planning this party & creating the party decor! Since it was a summer celebration, I wanted to have bright & vibrant colors throughout the party. I achieved our whimsical decor with the help of colorful tissue paper, multi-colored string, tags & straws{more on this later}. 
For the food: I went with a candy bar theme, plus had a few chilled items that I could pull out right before guests started arriving.
Our candy bar was made up of our favorites: Starburst®, Life Savers®, Skittles® and M&M's®
I made turkey hummus provolone wraps & they were such a yummy addition to our smorgasbord of food. 
I also had salads in case guests were wanting something lighter. 
As far as refreshments, we had water & my favorite: Dr Pepper® Cherry.
For dessert, I kept it simple & went with M&M's® cookie Ice Cream Sandwiches & Snickers® Ice cream bars & cones.
In an effort to keep the party decor cohesive, I added embroidery string to just about everything:). Don't you think it makes everything look just a tad bit fancier? 

This is my new favorite size for mason jars{24 oz.}, they are tall & feel just like a regular cup.

I also made some printables with my handy silhouette machine. I made one to go on the banner above the window but totally forgot to put it on{woops,can't win em all}. But If you'd like to make these "Hello Summer" printables just click {here & here} to access them.
I made two colorful tassel garlands for the party. I feel like they added so much to the overall feel of the party.  It took me about an hour to complete both garlands but It was time well spent in my opinion!
Here is quick tutorial:
 All you need is tissue paper{half sheet per tassel}, scissors, & string.  
Step 1: Fold your paper in half & cut vertical strips until you are 3 inches from the top seam.
Step 2: Next you'll cut the tissue down the middle{so that you have two separate pieces}. 
Step 3: Unfold the cut tissue and have the middle seam facing you. 
Step 4: Tightly roll {away from you}until you reach the end. 
Step 5: Next you'll twist in opposite directions, wrap around your finger and grab both ends to twist & hold the "loop" mold you've created.
Step 6: Now you just thread the string inside your loop & add more tassels to your string until it's as full as you prefer.
Here is a full tutorial with pictures.
I also added tissue paper to the party hats so guests could fill them up with candy.
Sometimes guests feel like certain foods or items are "off limits" when they are in cute decorative jars, so I also threw some in small bowls for easy access.

It was so much fun getting to just relax, eat & play with our grown up friends. I adore our kids, but sometimes you just need this adult stimulation to keep you sane:)!
After a good amount of eating, we made our way to the back yard to play Boccie ball. Have you played this lawn game before? We've played this since our college years, and even though we are well past those days, this is still one of our favorite party games!
We were also doggy sitting that day, so the girls got to get their fill of cute ol' Gus! We made a special trip to Walmart to pick these Pedigree Dentastix® Original treats.
Our girls are so dog-hungry right now, so they had a blast playing with Gus & trying to get him to do tricks for them!

After our outdoor shenanigans, we went back inside to eat more yummy food ...

And played some games{mainly Zilch}. 
We had a blast! So glad we could squeeze one last summer bash in before school starts!
I found all of my party essentials at Walmart{in the Ice cream aisle & candy aisle}.
What are your favorite ways to celebrate Summer?