Thursday, August 6, 2015

Easy & Natural Skincare Routine

Today's conversation was sparked by my need for #ANaturalClean & a longtime love affair with Burt's Bees. This is a collaboration with #CollectiveBias inc & it's advertiser. All gushings & spelling errors are all mine;)!
Since the beginning of my pregnancy{7 months ago} I've began having ultra sensitive skin & one too many hormone-induced breakouts{oh the joys of pregnancy:D}.I'm not used to having sensitive skin or breaking out so frequently, which has really forced me to re-assess what I put on my skin. Basically, I've had to go back to the bare essentials{make-up wise & cleansing-wise}. Removing the harsh chemicals has helped tremendously in combating breakouts. 

Something that I've added to my cleansing routine & have seen really good success with is Burt's Bees natural skin care line{specifically: their Cleansing Oil, Deep Pore Scrub & Brightening Refining tonic}.
I've had an affinity for Burt's Bees products for as long as I can remember. Because their products actually support your skin with the nutrients it needs without adding any of those nasty chemicals it doesn't{that's right: no parabens here}. They are big believers in making the most of what nature has already given us{which I can relate to}. Specially In a world where society tells you:" YOU are not enough & you need to change to conform to society's trends", I applaud Burt's Bees philosophy and commitment to making the world a little more natural, greener & cleaner{you can read more about that here}.
The first product in my skin care routine starts with Burt's Bees Cleansing oil. If you've struggled in the past with your skin, you might be recoiling at the thought of adding oil to your face. I was hesitant too at first{since I'm still pretty new to the natural oils rage}, but this cleansing oil is really unique in that its been dermatologist-tested & clinically proven to cleanse & soften skin naturally without irritating your skin.

 My favorite though is that It's natural moisturizers: Coconut & Argan oils also help to gently remove dirt & make-up without leaving an oily residue on the skin. 

So here is how you apply it:
1. Dispense product into dry hands.
2. Gently massage over dry face.
3. Wet hands and gently continue to massage product onto face.

4. Rinse thoroughly & pat dry.
A couple times per week, I also like to exfoliate my skin with this Deep Pore Scrub, which helps great to minimize the pores on my my face as well as get rid of those dreaded blackheads. 
The thing I love most about this scrub is how gentle it is on my skin{that's right~no achy raw skin afterwards}. 
 Since I have pretty dry skin especially in the mornings, I like to wash my face with this Brightening Refining Tonic. It helps to brighten & even out my complexion as well as moisturize my skin.
That's it, my whole skincare routine. Now, I'd love to hear about how you keep your skin healthy & vibrant!
Oh & you can find these & all of Burt's Bees beauty & skincare products at Target. 
Have you tried any of these yet?