Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Hair Care Essentials For Little Girls

Some days I dread mornings. Or more specifically, I dread the battle that is doing my daughter's hair. Sadly, both my girls inherited my curly hair gene.While the texture of their hair is very different{one fine & the other thick} their problem is the same. They wake up in the mornings with very tangled hair. So after much research, we've finally found some good reinforcements to bring to the table{& shower} that make our task just a little more manageable. 

I'm hoping now that we've started implementing these into our daily hair routine my kiddos will be more inclined to brush their own hair in the mornings. Of course, they will both still need my help to do something intricate with their hair, but the gist of the battle will hopefully be over by the time they come to me{fingers crossed}.
 Bed head is a real thing & a serious problem in our home:)!
 I'm always amazed what bringing the right tools to the table will do. These are going to be my saving grace come school time{which is now only a week away}!
Here's to more happy & tear-free mornings!
 What are your favorite hair products for your little ones?
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