Monday, August 10, 2015

Tips To Keep Your Car Clean & Organized

With our recent purchase of an SUV, I have been brainstorming ways of keeping it clean. I know "mommy cars" can be hard to keep clean{especially when your kiddos seem to make it their life's mission to destroy it}. So, today I will be sharing some fail-proof ways to maintain your car's pristine condition as well as how to keep it organized. 
Car Essential #1
Our biggest trouble area in our car is the back seats because they are our highest-traffic areas. So keeping that clean mitigates most of our junk. So getting a car organizer was a no brainer for us. 
Being able to have our kiddo's essentials readily available is a must for us. We have been working on teaching our kids to unload all their things when we get home{so our I-Hide car organizer is pretty empty at the moment}. 
 What I like the most about this organizer is that it has a touch-sensitive tablet viewer {which keeps our kiddos entertained on long car rides}. 
But the OCD inside me really appreciates the fact that I can instantly hide all our items by zipping up the organizer. 
Car Essential #2
Regardless if you have fabric or leather, kiddo's car seats are going to leave an impression on the seats, not to mention the inevitable juice spills or food crumbs on the seats. 

So, for us getting a car seat protector was very important{this is the exact one we bought}. But our child's safety is always our first priority, so we did our research & finally decided upon Munchkin's Seat Guardian Plus because it had dual grip traction & was crash tested to not interfere with the safety of the car-seats{more on that here}. 
 I love the little pouch below the seat! It's great for tissues, wipes, or your little ones everyday treasures.
I have a few things I really like in our trunk space...
Car Essentials #3 
First off is this trunk organizer, it is perfect for hiding your grocery storage, sports equipment & pool necessities. But you can put just about anything in here!
Plus it's collapsible, so when you don't need it can easily be stowed away.
Car Essentials #4
Next I have three toiletry carriers that are handy for storing just about everything you might one day need on an outing or road trip. 
^In this bag I've packed trash bags, zip-loc bags, matches, band-aids, headphones, kid's underwear & socks, chargers, SD card & USB Flash drive.
  ^In this bag I have nail clippers, safety pins, mini sewing kit, bobby pins, lip balm, floss, gum, mints, hair bands, lotion & feminine products. 
^This bag holds, protein bars, beef jerky, instant oatmeal, sunblock, deodorant, razor, baby wipes, mouth wash, toothbrush travel kits, hand sanitizer, shampoo & conditioner, hair gel, brush, stain remover pen, & car scents.
Then I just pack the smaller toiletry bags inside the larger one & store it away in our trunk. I also keep blankets, reusable water bottle & umbrella inside the stow away compartment of our trunk.
 I still have to add a few more things to our "essentials car kit"{like a medicine bag & larger food supply} but for now we have most things we would need on a family outing. 

Are you a car organizer fan? Do you have a car essentials kit already in your car?