Friday, September 18, 2015

8 Tips for a cozy & Inviting bedroom

A special thanks to Perfect Linens for sponsoring today's conversation, as always all opinions are mine alone;)! 

Our bedrooms are where we begin & end our day, so it's important that we make it a calm & soothing sanctuary. 
When it comes to home decor & bedroom styling I like my room to depict a clean, relaxing & inviting ambiance. My bedroom is where I go to relax, unwind and recharge. So, it’s important that I create a space that is conducive to that. And, since we all want a restful, soothing place to lay our heads at night: I'm sharing eight tips to accomplish just that!

Here are eight tips that are sure to make your bedroom feel more luxurious & inviting. 

1. Cut the clutter
Tripping over shoes, laundry, and sewing projects does not add to a relaxing atmosphere. We have a few baskets in our wardrobe that are solely for those everyday extras{dirty clothes, electronics, jewelry, etc} & it makes such a difference being able to clear those out of the way! Oh & don't forget about visual clutter, which can also cause a problem. While mixing patterns can be fun, if overused it can also become overstimulating.

2. Texture
While throws & cushions help to add character to a bedroom and provide different levels of texture which can make a room feel fabulous, it's the sheets that adorn our skin first & give us the sense of luxury. Although they can be easily overlooked when upgrading your bedroom, these will make a significant difference when creating an inviting bed. 
Combine your favorite fabrics around your bed to create the perfect place to cozy up.
My latest favorites are these "second skin" sheets from Perfect Linens. 

They've totally helped me stay cool & comfortable late into my pregnancy. If you've wondered if Egyptian cotton is worth all the hype, let me tell you: it is. Perfect Linens has traveled the world inspecting & testing fabric for comfort attributes{warm, cool, crispy, supple, heavy, light etc.} to offer exceptionally comfortable sheets that you can enjoy throughout a life-time. If you're looking to upgrade your linens be sure to check out Perfect Linens & use code{Modestchic35} for$35 off your purchase;)!

3. Rug
 A rug is the first thing your feet touch when you get out of bed, so you’ll want something soft and luxurious to start the day off right. Finding the right fit & price point for your bedroom can be tricky, but just remember this is a long term investment!

4. Artwork

Your bedroom wouldn’t be complete without a bit of wall d├ęcor. Deck your walls with what you love. Create a gallery wall with photos, inspirational quotes and DIY wall art to reflect your personality & invoke loving memories{& remember less is more}. 

5. Lighting
Your bedroom is meant to be a peaceful paradise, so the last thing you need is harsh overhead lighting. Opt for a bedside lamp with a subtle glow for your late-night reading.

6. Nightstand
A good bedside table should be styled and stocked with the essentials you want within reach. I have a minimalist approach to this & only have the barest necessities, which help invoke a sense of peace in our space.

7. Color Scheme
Choosing a calming color scheme is really important for getting the rest and rejuvenation you need. It can either contribute or hinder your much needed rest! I adore neutral palette bedrooms, with small pops of color throughout, delicate pieces of furniture and accessories.

8. Pillows
Love or hate them? I happen to love them, the more the merrier! They make the bed look more enticing & alluring. There are no set rules when it comes to arranging bed pillows,but I personally like to have the largest in the back & smallest in the front: mixing Euro pillows, standard pillows with decorative pillows in the front. 
Did I miss anything? What aspects of your bedroom help add a hint of luxury & comfort?