Monday, September 21, 2015

The Gift That Inspires Creativity

A special thanks to Magformers for sending this cute toy out our way! Our girls have absolutely loved it!

Finding a gift for a baby or toddler is easy. You are pretty much guaranteed that they're going to love whatever you get them. Baby gifts are the best! Now fast forward a few years and we’re talking third, fourth, fifth & sixth birthdays. Those ages are much harder to buy for. They have storage bins overflowing with gear, clothes and toys. These kiddos have become more practical & simultaneously picky over the years. For these munchkins, what they really need are toys that offer a variety of possibilities to keep them stimulated & intrigued as they continue to grow
I think it's no secret that kids love magnets. Heck, even adults love magnets. There is just something so irresistible & captivating about the way magnets interact. If you are familiar with magnet building blocks than you probably already know all about Magformers.
 They're the industry leader in magnetic building toys that allow for creativity to run wild with its unique never rejecting magnet. My girls have grown quite fond of these!
These magnets are the strongest little magnets I've ever seen! They are so much fun and I find myself wanting to play with them right alongside my girls.
 I love that there is no learning curve with these, they are easy enough for my 3 year old to play with and at the same time include challenging models that my 6 year old can build.  
Since my girls have a thing for animals; we got the Safari set, but they have a robust collection to choose from{94 products, we also like these & these}. Our set comes with 83 pieces & is a substantial amount for two or more kids to play with at once. Aren't the colors just gorgeous? 
I love finding quality toys that help boost both my kiddos intellectually. This fits the bill on all fronts since they promote imagination, help fine-tune motor skills & teach children to conceptualize 3D structures. 

Something I really like about these are the quality & safety of the workmanship. All their pieces are uniquely welded for safety, which means your little ones will not be able to open these up & access the magnets inside. Plus, they're made with BPA-free plastic {yay for safe toys}! 
I think it's safe to say, these will not get tucked away in some forgotten corner never to be played with again{like so many of their other toys}. Our kiddos get so much enjoyment out of playing with these. And, I've actually found myself gravitating towards these for when we go to Doctor's appointments, church, or long car rides because, they make for a great quiet-time activity.
Does this look like something your kiddos would enjoy?