Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Train Fun & KidKraft

A special thanks to KidKraft for sending this darling train set our way! Our girls have loved playing with it!

As someone who spends a fair amount of time with their head stuffed in a box of children’s toys and games, I've kind of become a toy snob. I  am really selective about the toys that make it into our home collection. For the most part, I try to only get timeless quality toys that my kids will enjoy for years to come. Such is the case with this darling train set.

Even though train tables are usually associated with boys, that's never stopped our girls from playing with them. They both happen to adore trains. And with our recent addition of KidKraft's Metropolis Train set & table they have been in a constant state of euphoria.

One of the things I like about this 100 piece train set is that it gives kids the ability to broaden & explore their imagination by creating their own Metropolis. They also get to learn about so many different modes of transportation {helicopter, airplanes, boat, taxi, bus,trains, etc.} as well as community establishments & occupations. 
The size of this table is pretty impressive, too. It can easily accommodate six or more playmates. 
Even though we've been KidKraft fans for years & adore their play kitchens & doll houses, this train set is probably Hayden's new favorite toy. I don't know if her robust imagination is a byproduct of being so young & having her sister off at school for most of day but this girl can play trains for hours! She is a trains enthusiast through & through!

There is just so much to do & see with this table!
This spacious rolling trundle is the stand out feature that sets this apart from all the other train tables {at least for me}. This makes clean up so easy & painless, since everyone knows exactly where to store the train pieces & it's accessories. 

   If you're looking to add a wooden train set & table to your collection, be sure to check out KidKraft. They're train sets are pretty hard to beat when it comes to quality & price! They have a wide range of sets to choose from & they are sturdy, safe & durable, which will keep your little conductors happy for many more years to come!