Wednesday, September 30, 2015


My mom has been in town since last Tuesday for the arrival of baby #3, and it has been marvelous having her with us! Living on opposite sides of the country has not been an easy transition for me, nor do I suspect it will get any easier once we have three small kiddos under one roof. But, for now I will bask in the joy of having her here! There is really nothing quite as wonderful as having your mom caring for you, as well as smothering your little ones with love! Oh, how I've missed her! 

As you can see, I am still very much pregnant. It seems baby girl is staying put. The last month I've been having on & off contractions & cramping, so we thought she might make an early arrival{I guess we were wrong}. She is scheduled to come in a week & I can hardly hold back my excitement! Just thinking about her brings tears to my eyes! 
Ps. Why do the last few weeks of your pregnancy have to feel so drawn out?!

I hope you have a wonderful Wednesday! Thanks so much for stopping by!