Tuesday, October 6, 2015

10 Minute DIY Slouchy Car Seat Cover

Have you seen these slouchy multi-use covers all over social media lately? They seem to be all the rage. They are made with a light weight, stretchy fabric & offer your baby 360° coverage from the elements. They can be closed completely or provide a peep hole at the top to view your little one. With baby #3 just days away from arriving, I knew I wanted to make this for her. 
Originally I was just going to purchase the cover, but the fabric selections online were not my favorite & at $40 bucks a cover, It just didn't make sense for me to buy it when I already had everything I needed for it {and likely you will too}. So, here's the super easy slouchy cover tutorial I promised. You are not going to believe how easy it is!

Here's what you'll need:
Knit maxi skirt in L/XL { here are some budget friendly options in PinkBlack Mint}
 Elastic (3/4 Yard)
 Sewing Machine
Before I started I went ahead & draped my skirt/fabric over the car seat to make sure I had enough fabric to cover all the way to the bottom of the car seat. Then I cut the excess fabric, and began sewing a new hem.
I found that the maxi skirt's fold-over portion creates the perfect "peep hole" opening for the cover. So, you really only have to sew one end of the skirt and you're done.  Didn't I tell ya this was a super easy DIY cover:)?

I love that this cover only requires minimal sewing skills & is super forgiving when it comes to errors. But the best part is how quickly you can finish this project. I wish all my projects were this simple {maybe then my home wouldn't look like I sell crafts part-time:D}!

Think you might want to make this slouchy cover for a friend but aren't quite ready? Just pin now and you'll have it waiting for when you're ready to get crafty.

Thanks so much for stopping by! Happy sewing!