Tuesday, October 20, 2015

A New Family Tradition~The Giving Manger

With Christmas just a couple months away, I wanted to share something that has made me truly excited to celebrate that magical time of year.

It's called The Giving Manger, and it's a beautiful way to celebrate the legacy of Christ & to focus on the true meaning of Christmas. This is such a fun way to keep the true spirit of Christmas in our home & teach our family the joys of giving. 

You start by reading the heart warming story{which explains the tradition] & then at the beginning of December you'll place the bare manger in a visible place in your home. As you & your family give service & kindness you'll add a piece of straw to the manger. You continue to do this until the manger is full {the goal is to complete it before Christmas} at which point you'll place the baby Jesus on top of all the straw. 
This past week we have been the recipients of much love, kindness & service, and although this is meant to be done at the beginning of December, I can't wait to start repaying that kindness, so we will be doing this starting in November through the end of the year. I know my girls will absolutely love doing this, but my hope is that it'll be something that they will cherish and remember throughout their lives.  
So here is what is included in the set: a Book, Wooden manger, Bundle of straw & Baby Jesus.  
What I love about this tradition, is that it brings excitement and fun into serving others. It makes your whole family accountable & brings the true spirit of Christmas into your homes & hearts. I can't wait to share this with our family!

 If you'd like to start this tradition with your family or give this as a gift, head on over to their site & secure your very own Giving Manger:)!

What kind of traditions do you celebrate during December or Christmas?