Thursday, October 1, 2015

Good Indoor Fun~eeBoo

I am elated to collaborate with eeBoo & showcase their precious puzzles & games! As always all opinions are my own!
With the weather being less than ideal this week, we decided to take our fun indoors. I always try to have a few special toys & games that will keep my kiddos entertained while they're stuck indoors. 
It's been a couple years since I found out about eeBoo & their colorful, educational collection of games & toys. It started when I stumbled upon their Good Manners flash card game. Originally, I was drawn to their cute original artwork but over time I have really appreciated their ability to make learning fun. We recently added a couple more eeBoo flash card sets: Respect the Earth & Good Citizenship. In both of these, they pose different situations & probe learners into what they might do in those scenarios. Although my six year old could answer most of these questions easily, I've seen my three year old's understanding of the world around her expand dramatically!
Another game we've been enjoying this week is Community. It is a cooperative game that teaches your little ones to work as a team to build their community. We have dozens of games that my kiddos enjoy playing, but only a handful that get me excited to play, this is definitely one of them. As with all eeBoo games, they merge unique craftsmanship with beautiful aesthetics. 
 While my girl's ability to play this vary dramatically {since there is a three year gap between them}, but they have both found this captivating & thoroughly enjoyed playing this.
 I love when I can find boutique style toys & games that are educational, beautiful & high quality. These are some of the best games for kids that I have found & totally recommend them, especially If you are looking to add a few timeless games & toys to your collection!

What is your go-to place for quality toys?