Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Apps & Learning

Hayden, is our resident iPad lover. This girl could eat, breathe & sleep iPad if we let her.  Do you have a little one obsessed with tablets? 
I use to have a love-hate relationship with kids & technology{specifically tablets}, but over the last few years I've really embraced the world of learning at their disposal. We have set time limits our kiddos can play on them as well as apps they are allowed to use, which helps reassure me that they are doing productive & educational things when they're playing with their tablets. 
A new app we have been enjoying lately is Bob Books Reading Magic Sight WordsIt is the third app in their series & it features thirty of the most common kindergarten sight words in their classic hand-drawn illustrations along with fun animations.
What I like about this app & really their whole series is that it's easy enough for Hayden{my three year old} to use and at the same time engaging enough to captivate our oldest daughter's attention{Mallorie}.
  Something we have been working with Hayden the last couple months is writing. We've bought a few books for her but she still lacks the confidence to do it on her own. I love that this app includes a writing/tracing element, so she can keep practicing those fine motor skills! 
The drag & drop feature is also pretty neat. Once they spell the word, their image turns to color & comes to life{well, sort of:)}. It turns into a darling animation which depicts the sentence they helped spell.

 Below is an example of the animations, I was talking about. 
                                                           We think it's darling!
We have thoroughly enjoyed the  Bob Books apps and totally recommend them If you are looking for apps to supplement your kid's learning! 
I'm always on the lookout for new apps, so be sure to share your favorites in the comments below!