Wednesday, November 4, 2015


Since Madison still thinks the daytime is the prime time to sleep, I've been sneaking in newborn photo sessions during the day when I know she's ultra sleepy. Since most of our family lives across the country, I wanted to share a few of these on the blog:). 

So we've been doing this newborn~baby thing for three weeks now. It feels like so much longer since we brought her home from the hospital! How is it that I forgot how exhausting this newborn stage can be? All I've got to say is: thank goodness for postpartum amnesia:){because I think we'd have a lot less kiddos roaming the earth without it}. 

Madison is a really sweet baby, she just has severe reflux, so her tummy is a constant source of pain for her{poor thing}. Which means when she is not eating: she is usually being held by daddy or me{& the occasional begging sister}. She is on new medication now, so hopefully she will start to feel better soon, in the meantime though I am on the search for a good no-fuss baby-wrap!