Thursday, December 17, 2015

Tips For Caring & Storing Your Kid's Clothes

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Over the years I've learned that small closets are fragile ecosystems. Throw in some clutter, and the already small space becomes chaotic, cramped, and generally unpleasant. But when everything is organized, even the tiniest space can feel large & harmonious. 
Now that we have three little girls under our roof, and our drawers & closets are packed to the brim, that sentiment has never been truer. Luckily, every couple of months our girls seem to go through growth spurts, which forces us to reassess their clothing needs & store outgrown clothing away. One great thing about having all girls is that we are able to reuse a bit of their clothing {at least with the younger two} from year to year. Even though we still buy a few things for them each season, it's a lot less than buying a whole new wardrobe, so I still feel confident that I'm saving money. And since we can all benefit from extra savings {especially this time of year}, I'm sharing a few tips that will help de-clutter your kiddos closets, keep their clothing feeling & looking new and all while saving a few bucks in the process.
Step 1: Evaluate
Look through all the clothing and make sure they are still in good condition. I like to separate the clothes into three piles: keep, sell & trash. Any clothes that are worn-out or have stains get put in the trash pile. I often find items that are in great condition even some with tags still on that my kids never liked wearing for whatever reason, these are the items you'll want to donate/sell. Only keep the things that you really love & will make you smile when you see them again. Once I'm left with a large pile of thoroughly inspected clothing it's time to clean.
Step 2: Deep Clean
Before I put anything into storage I like to machine wash everything to ensure that I get any stains out. There might be stains left behind that are invisible now but can oxidize over time to become an ugly permanent stain. To help maintain the original quality of the garments, I like to turn them inside out & wash them on the gentle cycle. Once the clothes are clean & dry you are ready to start storing!
Step 3: Sort
Once you have all your clothes neatly folded the next thing to do is sort the clothes into sizes and seasons {for example: 0-3 months, 6-9 months, Summer & Winter}. Once you have all your like-items together, stick them in a clear Ziploc® SpaceBag® {I love these Space Bags® from Ziploc®}.
Storing your clothes in these Ziploc® Space Bags® really helps takeout the guesswork when you're trying to find a particular size or item. This has been the case lately with baby Madison skipping a few sizes and going straight into her 6 month clothes.
Step 4: Pack
Before I vacuum seal the bags, I like to throw in a fabric softener sheet inside. And since Ziploc® Space Bags® protect against bugs, moths, dirt and mildew, I have no quarrel about adding a little extra scent that will make me happy when I open up the bags in a year or two.
It also makes it so much easier to store things now that you're only taking up a fraction of the space.
I don't know about you but life just seems a little better when the house is organized & clutter free. If you're planning to get a fresh start this New Year and organize your home, you can find the 3 times the Storage Ziploc® Space Bags® at Lowes.
There you have it, my whole clothes organization tips & storing process! What are some of your best tips for storing your children's clothes?