Thursday, January 7, 2016

New Beginnings

After seeing the Nutcracker performance over Winter break, both my girls were begging to be put in Ballet & become ballerinas. Hayden in particular could not contain her adoration for ballet and was twirling throughout the recital{thankfully we were in the back so we didn't disrupt anyone}. Still, it was pretty darn cute to see them so excited about dance. And since I've always had a huge respect and passion for dance{all styles} especially ballet, I wasn't too hard to convince.
I really love everything that Ballet teaches: following instructions, co-ordination, poise, self discipline, determination and self confidence and think its a wonderful after-school activity for both our girls.
So we arranged for them to start attending Ballet classes and see if it's something that they'll enjoy doing.
Both of our girls had their first class earlier this week. I wish you could have seen their little faces as we got them ready, they were elated and giggling at the thought of dressing up in their cute little outfits and getting to learn this fancy dance!
I've been wanting to put Mallorie in Ballet for a couple years, but I felt like her schedule was too packed with horse-back riding, gymnastics, and piano practice. But, she loves to perform and has such natural grace about her, I think this will be a really great fit for her. And Hayden too, even with her being a bit on the younger side, I think she will learn & benefit so much from doing Ballet. Here are a couple pictures I snapped of their first day of class. 
I had THE biggest smile on my face, watching my sweet girls get such satisfaction from learning something new.  
As I was looking through these pictures, I couldn't help but notice how grown up both Mallorie and Hayden look. My sweet little girls are getting so big! I am so grateful I get to capture these little milestones in their lives, motherhood is really the greatest thing in life, Isn't it? Hard as it is sometimes, there is really nothing quite as rewarding!