Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Easiest DIY Cork Board Map

Ages ago, I bought this darling scratch-off map, that I thought Kyle would enjoy in his office. But of course, I didn't do anything with it right away, so it eventually made its way to our storage room{like so many of my pending projects:D}. Well, I re-found it this past week & it spurred me into finishing the project I had envisioned almost a year ago! 

Something you need to know about Kyle is that he loves to travel! He has an insatiable appetite for life & unrestrained love for adventure. And his personality rubs off on you when you're around him. I remember back during our college days he had me doing the wildest bridge jumping & spelunking ice caves{all the while feeling safe & at ease by his side}. So, when we got married, I knew things would likely change a bit as we started to have our family but I was confident that somethings would always remain the same. We would always find our little adventures in life{just like we did in college}.
We've been pretty good about getting away every year{thus far} and having some time to ourselves, to reflect, grow & of course explore! It's not always to some exotic locale either, some years it's to a low key place like San Diego{which I'm not complaining about:) I'll take it!}. Regardless of where we vacation we always do something fun{maybe a little crazy} that gets our adrenaline rushing & keeps us coming back for more! 
We have grown so much since our dating days and it's so fun getting to reflect on our journey together. I really wanted to be able to see the different places we've lived, vacationed as a family & as a couple. I have a few pins up, but I'm not sure I'm completely in love with the pins I chose{since they're super bulky}. I'm thinking of swapping them out with sewing pins{spray painted in a few different colors} so we can squeeze in more pins. 
But if you're here you're probably very interested in doing this for here's what you'll need to do....
  • Poster map
  • 1/4 inch cork  24 x 36 
  • Spray Adhesive{I used Loctite}
  • 2 screws
  • Scissors
  • Plastic hanging labels
  • Pins

  • Instructions
  • Spray the adhesive on the cork & lay your map over top. Then put something heavy over top to keep it flat & allow for the adhesive to dry{I used books}.
  •  After twenty minutes it should be pretty dry. At this point I cut the excess cork off using sharp scissors, to get smooth edges.
  •  Next I turned it around and I glued my plastic holders on.
  • Thats it! After this, all that is left is to measure the space where  you want the map & put your screws in the wall & hang it up!
  • I really love all the little details of this map.
I think eventually I'd like to add a frame to this, but for now this will do:)!