Thursday, February 11, 2016

Magnetic Toys That Inspire Imagination

A special thanks to Magformers for sending us this fabulous Inspire set to spark more creativity!
We are big Magformers fans around these parts. They tend to be the first toys my girls gravitate towards in the mornings & the last to be played with in the evenings. Especially Hayden, she is our resident builder and she can literally play happily for hours on end. 

I can't really blame her, these magnetic toys are pretty impressive & provide endless possibilities. Plus, I love that they help children hone in on their fine motor skills while simultaneously helping them recognize different shapes & colors.
Recently we added another awesome set to our growing collection of Magformers. 
It's the 100 piece Inspire set, and it comes with beautiful pastel pieces & LED lights. We also have a couple more sets{ this this } that we love.
 All our girls were very excited to play with them{even baby Madison}! Magformers actually has a brand new line just for their youngest fans, but this set came with some SUPERmagformer pieces{which are extra large pieces} so I had no worries about letting Madison play with them. That, and I know all their magnets are made with BPA-free plastic and are sonic welded{meaning those little magnets aren't going anywhere;)}.

She was quite intrigued with them!
Mallorie,our six year old, also loves to create with these {and not just 3D structures either}. She likes to think outside the box;D...

and write love letters with them.
 I myself am a fan of the idea booklet & always love to work alongside my girls to recreate the structures inside.
 This set is just perfect for our little princess lovers!
Do you have a little builder in your life that would enjoy these Magformers sets?