Monday, February 29, 2016


Sorry I've been MIA! We have been busy with home renovations all week! You might remember a few weeks ago I talked about painting our home....

Well, we're now mostly done with the painting~here are a couple pictures to show the progress so far.

It's hard to capture the true color on camera but this grey is super soothing & calming!! I'm so happy with how it turned out!
All we have left is the foyer {which happens to be the hardest part to paint}.

But, we are hoping to have it all done by the end of this week!
Oh & in between all our painting sessions, we also decided to build a bed. I'm sure by now you know that when I say "we" I almost always mean "I" :D. I can't wait to share all the details of that project! You can see a sneak peek of the finished product on my Instagram.
Have a wonderful day!!!