Monday, March 28, 2016

Easter & Hayden's Fourth Birthday

 On Friday we celebrated Hayden's Fourth birthday with a huge Easter egg hunt & a slew of other Easter-themed activities. Here are a few pictures from her party.
 As I was setting up, I noticed the girls were sneaking a peek at the egg hunt "course" & as their dad hid the last of the eggs. They were giggling with excitement, It was the cutest thing!
 I made a couple bunny banners for the party, they were super simple but added so much to the look of the party! 
We stuffed our bunny goodie-bags with play dough and bubbles {two of our girls favorite things}.
 I normally try to make most of the party food, but this year I just didn't have the energy for it {I'm blaming that on my 5 month old :D}. We went with super easy & kid friendly food and we had no complaints!
  I stepped outside of tradition & made a punch box this year, in lieu of a piñata. The girls were really excited about it before the party, but then totally forgot about it with all the birthday festivities going on.
Love our sweet Hayden!I can't believe how much she has grown this past year!
This girl just loves being surrounded by friends {look at that huge smile}!
 I also made a couple Easter games, the first was a Bunny bowling game and the other was an Easter basket egg search {we filled a few balloons with bells and had the kids find them}. These were both a huge hit!
                        And now the girls dont want to part with these boxes games:D.
The reason we went with an Easter themed party this year was because Hayden really wanted to have and Easter egg hunt. So of course I wanted that to be a success! My main worry was that we wouldn't have enough eggs, so we ended up stuffing nearly four hundred eggs {which I now see is a ridiculously large amount}. Especially since we did the egg hunt twice and we still had leftovers. Oh well, you live and you learn, right?
Hayden was all business during the hunt, she couldn't even stop to smile! Ps. Do you remember these bunnies? They were just perfect for our hunt, not only were they bright and cheerful but they also gave us another place to hide eggs behind {score!}.
Our little bunny made out like a bandit {look how full her basket is}!
So we totally forgot about the punch box during the party {along with bunny hop races, and a bunny carrot toss game}, so the girls had their way with it afterwards:).
 All in all, I think the girls had a great time {I hope it was as memorable for them as it was for me:)}!
Love my precious girl! She is such a sweet little girl and is always being silly & trying to make us laugh. She is such a loving sister and daughter & we are so lucky to have her in our family! Happy Happy Birthday sweetie!