Monday, March 7, 2016

Magnet Fun

We've been a bit obsessed with magnet toys lately. Especially Hayden. She just loves these open-ended versatile play toys. She has such a great imagination and some days I can't help but laugh when I walk into a room and see her little creations...because they almost always involve some poor animal or figurine being caged up. 
What did I tell ya?
 We recently added a new type of magnets to our collection, they're called Magna-tiles.So far they've been a huge hit! These are my favorite types of toys for my kids, because they give me lots of teaching opportunities & promote unprompted creativity.
 This is the clear ICE Set we have, isn't it so pretty? They have a wide variety of sets to choose from, I think our next set will probably be these bright & colorful translucent ones

We've had a lot of fun building castles & mazes with these!
I always like to gauge the success of a toy by how well my kids can happily play together with it:). So far, it's been a great "team" building activity {hoping it stays that way:D}! 
 The only thing I have realized is that we need a bigger set (100 pieces should be just right) to accommodate their building "needs". 
What are your favorite magnet toys?
Head on over to Magna-Tiles to see what all the fun is about;)!