Monday, April 25, 2016

DC Trip

I turned twenty nine on Sunday, and although I'm not in love with the sound of that, I sure am happy with all the things I've accomplished in my life {namely: marrying the love of my life & starting our own happily ever after}.
 We figure, now that we live on the East Coast, we need to take advantage of these fun sites nearby. So, we took a few days off from our usual weekly grind to go explore the DC area. Neither Kyle or I had ever been there before so it was a real treat to go gallivanting around with our girls! 
They had a great time! Although I'm sure if you asked them what their favorite activities were they wouldn't say the museums or monuments but instead something much more simple like having picnics together and running around in the park chasing butterflies:D. But the museums were pretty cool!
All the monuments were just breath-taking and much larger in person than I expected!
A couple weeks before our trip to D.C. we put in a request for the White House tour but sadly they were all taken for our dates so we settled for checking out the cherry blossoms festival and touring the white house gardens instead:). 
On our last day {and my actual birthday} we stopped by and toured the DC Temple. ps they have the coolest visitors center I've ever seen! They have so may interactive areas and places for little kiddos to explore and learn I was really impressed! 
Oh yeah and they're gardens were pretty phenomenal too:D!
Madison did surprisingly well when we got to DC in spite of being completely off her schedule{now the car ride there-whole other story:D}! 
Out of all the inspirational places we visited in DC, this was by far our favorite!
Can't wait for our next family road trip!