Monday, April 11, 2016

Little Details, Big Difference

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. As always all opinions are my own! #MyPledgeCastle #CollectiveBias  
Even though our family is involved in many hobbies, sports and activities the majority of our time is spent at home. And, although I may have a love-hate relationship with our home {since I'm constantly renovating it & our projects seem never-ending}, I do love it & strive to make it beautiful! That's why I do my best to bring out it's natural beauty daily with quick but thorough cleaning!
Here are a handful of products that help me clean those easy to overlook places in our home.
It's easy to remember to clean the windows since they're large and easy to spot, but the window sills are a whole other story {am I right}! I like to carry this handy bag around- it's filled with toothpicks, cotton swabs, Pledge® Lemon Clean wipes and Pledge® Multi-Surface Everyday Cleaner with Glade® Rainshower®. So basically the essentials for giving the house a quick pick me up!

I find that a cotton swab and a little Pledge® Multi-Surface Everyday cleaner is perfect for getting into all those tiny cracks and crevices of window sills, chandeliers, and baseboards! It makes a big difference in those otherwise impossible areas to reach or neglected places in your home.

Another hard to reach spot that accumulates grime is the place where the faucet meets the sink. I like to use a toothpick covered in Pledge® Lemon Clean wipes because it not only removes the dirt perfectly but it also, leaves a clean & fresh scent all the while removing up to 90% of the allergens found in dust {talk about multi-purpose}!

I love having these two multi-purpose cleaners that can go from cleaning, stainless steel to wood, to laminate, to glass!

Have you tried any of the new Pledge® products recently? Which are your favorite?