Monday, April 4, 2016

Pallet Board Wall Decor

You might remember, we made this pallet board wall decor right before Madison was born, when we renovated our basement living room {you can see the transformation Here if you missed it}. And then we had baby Madison and I forgot all about the tutorial:D! Well, I stumbled upon the pictures this week and thought I should do a quick tutorial for you guys {better late then never, right?}. 
This project was pretty simple as far as DIYs go. I basically just painted, stained and sanded wood, cut it into various sizes and secured it in the back using screws . The picture below shows exactly what I did to get each hue.
After getting every piece painted and stained, I laid them all out and played with the layout a bit to get it just the way I wanted. After that we flipped the wood & started securing it with screws {we used 1 inch. x 2 inch. boards & 1 3/4 inch screws}.
Here is what the back looked like when it was finished. Oh and in order to hang this we had to add a few horizontal wood pieces at the top{spaced ten inches apart}. 
As you can imagine this piece was incredibly heavy, so we had to put in a few bolts into the studs inside our wall to make sure it would support the weight.
It took some work {and a handful of hours}, but I just love the finished product! It was totally worth the effort! Be sure to come back If you decide to give this project a try! I'd love to see how yours turns out!