Thursday, April 28, 2016


Hi lovelies! This week has gone away from me very quickly! My mom flew into town on Monday and we've been busy catching up on everything we've missed out on these past months by living on opposite ends of the country.It's just so nice to have her near, I so wish she lived closer! She's actually just in town for this week, she came out to help out with the girlies since Kyle & I are running in the Flying Pig this weekend! I am super excited and nervous about this event{mainly because I haven't put in as many miles in as I should have:D}. And I just learned that the first six miles are the hilliest and I've hardly done any hill training {woops}! I think doing this event is going to really help me refocus and motivate me to train better. With this being my first "race" back since having Madison, my expectations for pace & overall time are really low, my goal is just to try and keep up to my hubby and have fun:)! It's going to be awesome!

Are you a runner? What is the coolest/most fun race you've done?
And If you have any good music recommendations send them my way:)!