Thursday, May 26, 2016

DIY Color Powder For A Color Fight!

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A few weeks ago, we got together as a family to discuss our summer "LIVE" list. Have you heard of this concept? It's similar to a bucket list in that you have a list of things you want to do, but instead of just having a master list you're trying to accomplish before you die, the live list is comprised of really fun, messy, and exciting activities you want to do every day to enrich your life. 

Our list has things like; make your own color powder {for a color fight}, make large scale sensory tables {think sand, rice, water in various colors}, to having beach luau parties. We also have a bunch of smaller scale activities on our list that we can do from day to day but it's basically ways that we can let our kids {and ourselves} truly live. Children don't stay little for long, and we want to make sure that our kiddos soak up & savor every moment of their childhood {as well as know that they are loved}! 
Growing up, my mom had to work a ton, so during our Summer vacations we would spend a few weeks with my abuelitos {grandparents} in Sonora. They had a ranch, cattle, chickens and lots of horses. So, as you can imagine it was a true wonderland for us kids! 

We would spend a majority of our time exploring the ranch: collecting eggs, picking fruit, and riding horses with my uncles. I don't remember ever doing anything overly elaborate when we went to Mexico but it was always fun and exciting somehow. And I still have the fondest memories of my childhood because of it. 

Now that I'm a parent, I want to make sure I instill those same feelings and memories in my children.  So this past week we started checking off things from our live list. And near the very top of our list is: a color powder fight. Which is what we decided to start with to kick off our Summer adventures! 

Fair warning: you will have alot of dirty laundry to do afterwards:D
But it will be totally worth it!
 Keep reading to find out how you can make your own non-toxic color powder;)!
In order to have the vibrant tropical colors show up, we all put on white Tees and sprayed them with water {the girls loved this part}.
I don't think there is a right or wrong way to have a color fight, but one thing that really helped us was having the powder easily accessible. We placed ours in wide mouth jars and put them a good distance away from each other. 
Which made it really easy for us to grab a handful of powder and run.
We did take some breaks to re-apply water, so that our powder would adhese better to our shirts. Which everyone was happy to oblige:D!
Before the fun began, we talked about the rules:
like no throwing powder in eyes or face ...
and only throwing the powder on our Tees. 
But as you can see all "rules", go out the window when you're in the heat of battle. All is fair in love and color powder war, right:)?
Guys, this was seriously so fun {and super memorable too}! I just know we will all be talking about this for a long time to come! 
 Alright, are you ready make this? It's suprisingly simple..all you really need to make this is food coloring, corn starch, water, gloves and foil pans.
 Although this project is as simple as they get, it does take a lot of time to "make", because you have to let the mixture completely dry { for 2 whole days}. So that was the only hard part {at least for me}.
To make it, simply combine 2 cups of corn starch and 1 cup of water. Mix thoroughly, using your hands works best.
Once its mixed, you can add your color of choice .
I opted for neon food coloring, but you can choose your favorite {the sky's the limit:)}.
After you have the hue you like, simply set aside and let it dry for a couple days.
  If you want a thinner powder you can stick it in the food processor and pulse it to remove all the clumps. And that's it! Now you can head outdoors and enjoy it!
Doesn't the color powder look amazing?! It really turned out great and we had a blast bringing the tropics into the backyard!
Once it's all over, you can worry about cleaning up and doing a load of wash:).
Speaking of clothes. I have been really enjoying all®'s newest scent: all® Fresh Tropical Mist™ lately. It has such a wonderful floral aroma that is both soothing and fresh. 

I stumbled upon it on a quick run to Family Dollar, and boy am I so glad I did! I was starting to worry that all of our clothes might get permanently stained in the process. Luckily, this little guy has all®'s same trusted stain fighting power; which fights the toughest kid stains {like grass, mud and grape juice} so there's no need to fret about the color powder, it'll all come out in the wash. 

 So, are you ready to host a color powder fight?