Monday, May 16, 2016

Growing & Diapers Gift Card!

This weekend it finally hit me that my baby Madison is no longer a teeny tiny baby anymore. Maybe it's from a moment of clarity from a goodnight's rest or from visiting a friend who just brought home her day-old newborn baby. But in either case, I know it's not all bad {I particularly enjoy the part where I get to sleep through the night again :D}. I really do adore this little stage of life she's in; she is so incredibly alert, social, and smiley!
With Madison's newborn phase coming to a close it's had me thinking a lot about the things that worked well for her and our family. And, while there were definitely some things that I'd worry less about {if I could do it over}, there are a handful of things that were super helpful & we were glad we implemented. 
^How precious are those chubby little legs of hers?!
Oh, that little smile sure does melt my heart! I could kiss those cheeks all day! 

Did you recognize the DIY floral mobile above? She is totally and completely entranced by it these days. And now that she's old enough to sit in her crib, she makes it her mission to catch the flowers !
Schedule: We didn't start Madison's routine until she was about 6 weeks old and I wish we would have started sooner.We found out that having a good feeding & sleeping routine made all the difference in her mood{and my sanity:D}. She just felt better when she ate right when she woke up, then played for 1-2 hours and then laid back down for a nap.  

White Noise: With our other two we never really used the white noise machine because they were just good sleepers from the get-go and didn't really need any assistance. But with Madison, we needed all the help we could get! The white noise really helped to calm Madison, and reinforce the nap/bedtime routine. She knew when the machine was on that it was time for bed and the predictability & consistency really helped to soothe her.

Diaper Station: We set up a diaper station in our main living room well before Madison made her debut. But very quickly after she arrived, we figured out that we needed to have a diaper station in our bedroom & her nursery as well because we didn't want to be scrambling for Diapers, wipes or a trash can in the heat of the moment:D!

Buy Bulk: There are certain baby essentials we just love to buy at Sam's club; like Huggies diapers & wipes, because it's inexpensive, quick & convenient {and it's hard to pass up their online free shipping}. Right now, you can also get a $10 off Sam’s Club e-Gift card when you purchase two Huggies products (Little Snugglers/Natural Care Wipes) between 5/9/16-6/30/16plus a bonus deal {here}.

Newborn or not, Madison is going to be wearing diapers for a long time to come, so we made sure to stock up on our favorite super absorbent diapers and hypoallergenic wipes while this awesome deal still lasts!

What was one thing you swore by when your little ones were still in diapers?