Friday, June 3, 2016

Fruit Leather & SILPAT GIVEAWAY!

Have you ever made fruit leather? They're essentially homemade fruit roll-ups and they are so tasty! My kids love them! I think they're great because they're simple to make and you can use just about any fruit or fruit combination to make them.  
If you ever have an overabundance of fruit, and can't eat it all up before it goes bad, these are a great alternative. 
These can simply be made by popping them in the food processor and turning it into a puree. You can make it without adding any sugar but we like to sweeten ours with honey.
Then pour the mixture onto a non-stick silicone baking mat {we love our SILPAT for this} and bake it at 150° for 5-7 hours. You want to bake it long enough that its no longer a liquid {and ultra sticky} but not too long that it gets crispy.
But if your batch does get crispy {like this one}, not to worry! You can still salvage it. All you do is brush it with a little water and it reconstitutes perfectly.
Once you have your fruit leather just right, you can place it over parchment paper and cut it with clean scissors, then roll it up. These store best in air-tight containers.
Or if you're hungry from all the waiting work you've done, you have the green light to consume as many of these as your little heart desires:D!
What's your favorite thing to make when you have excess fruit?
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