Saturday, June 25, 2016

Just A Few Thoughts On Marriage

Kyle and I will be celebrating nine years of marriage next month and I am so amazed at how our love and our lives have changed, expanded and evolved over the years. We were so young when we got married, and had such finite ideas of the work, sacrifice and love it would take to make a marriage work & more importantly thrive!
Thus far, I've learned that marriage is a delicate dance & balancing act between giving and receiving, compromise, love and forgiveness. Loving Kyle has taught me to set aside my pride. I’m not perfect {very far from it}. I have this pesky part of me that likes to be right, and I constantly have to remind myself that I don't have to be right all.the.time.

Still, every day I have to work at being the kind of wife he deserves.
I have to work at creating the kind of marriage we promised each other we would have. And not overreact when he uses my things; like tweezers & lip balm (and forgets to put them back), or when he eats the last of my Skinny Cow Chocolately Dipped Ice Cream Sandwiches and doesn't even bother to tell me. 

 Apparently just because it comes in a pretty little pink and yellow box, it doesn't mean it's just for women. I should know better, Kyle has always had a sweet spot for ice cream and he'll devour my Vanilla Bean Dream Ice cream sandwiches without batting an eye:D! In his defense though, that thick velvety chocolatey coating is pretty hard to resist.
I've found that keeping calm, letting go and moving forward is one of the keys to a happy marriage. I feel like its these little things {acts of kindness, love, forgiveness} that are the most important, because they add up to the big things. Kyle has mastered the art of the little things. I, however, am a work in progress. But I’m working on it!
With our upcoming 9th year anniversary, I have been reflecting on all the parts of our marriage, partnership, friendship and bond {the beautiful ones, the ugly, and all the others in between}, and I'm recommitting myself to putting his happiness before my own. Because I know that sacrifice and love go hand in hand:).
How do you stay in love?
And what's one thing you and your loved one indulge in together?
 Have such a wonderful weekend!

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