Wednesday, June 15, 2016


Like most parents, I love snapping pictures of my kiddos little moments and documenting their milestones. It's amazing how quickly those little moments happen and if you're unprepared you might miss them! Recently I stumbled upon Milestones™, who make sets of photo cards to make it easier to capture and remember all of your special moments {from pregnancy to your kiddos early years}. 

I really don't remember seeing anything like this with Mallorie or Hayden, maybe I just didn't search hard enough but regardless; I am so glad I found them! I am completely in love with them, they are such beautifully illustrated cards! 

I love that you can date them, because even though I take a ton of photos, I don't always know exactly when I took them. So, this will come in handy when I'm trying to organize baby's first scrapbook!
We have this set. It comes with a good mix of cards from baby's first weeks, to months and ultra special moments. I only wish we would have had these sooner!
But we still have quite a few milestones to crawling. Madison still doesn't seem to be interested in tummy time {8 months later}, but we are hopeful she'll figure it out soon:). Or she might just skip that step altogether and go straight to walking {I guess only time will tell:)}!
If you're expecting or have a baby shower coming up and need a darling gift idea, I highly recommend these precious Milestone cards! They're such an easy and fun way to chronicle baby's first year!

What is a simple yet memorable gift you received while expecting?