Friday, June 10, 2016

Momma's BFF & Dock A Tot

We flew to California at the beginning of this week to kick off our Summer vacation. Kyle will be with us for about a week but then the girls and I will be visiting family and really just enjoying California for as long as we can:D! I was a little nervous about the prospect of having the girls by myself all day and night & being out of sync with their regular schedules{okay, mostly just Madison}. 
Luckily, a few things fell into place perfectly right before we flew out that gave me the reassurance I needed to feel confident about our trip. The biggest being this darling Dockatot™ Grand. Have you seen these before?
They're perfect for giving little ones a safe and comfortable place to sleep, lounge, play, and it's been a lifesaver thus far! They come in a great selection of prints and colors tailored for newborns and toddlers {9-36 months}. Something I really appreciate as a parent is that it's incredibly safe for babies & low maintenance, since it's made with a breathable, washable, hypoallergenic material.
I love that the air permeable bumpers act as bed rails because it gives me peace of mind that Madison will sleep cozy & safely in one place throughout the night. 
A few days before our trip, we decided to let her break in the Dockatot™, so she could get use to it. Mainly because she has grown accustomed to sleeping in her crib and up to that point had refused to sleep anywhere else.
We kind of cheated a bit by placing the Dockatot™ inside her crib, to help ease the transition, but she never fought it{so, I'm counting that as a win}. I think it gives her a snug sense of security, kind of like the womb did. 

Now that we are staying with grandma she regularly plays & naps in it {without any fussing, which is what I was worried about} and I couldn't be more happy with it! I was a little nervous that I wouldn't be able to bring it on board with us, but we checked it without any problems! 

If you have a little one coming soon, or loved one who's expecting, I would really recommend you look into these, they really are something that little ones enjoy and give parents extra peace of mind!

What is something that makes travelling with kids easier for you?