Saturday, June 18, 2016

Playroom Favorite

Ever since we've been in our new home, our girls have had their pick of three playrooms; the one in the main level floor, the one in the basement and the one in their bedrooms, which is admittedly way too many. Recently, I decided to simplify things and move all their toys to the basement {in an effort to excite them to play down there}. My plan was working pretty well until our new Lorena Canals rug arrived and I placed it in the nursery. 
In retrospect, I probably should have placed it in the playroom, but I really wanted to add a sense of charm and softness to the nursery. 
But more importantly, I wanted to have an ultra plush spot where baby Madison could do tummy time, crawl and explore. My favorite part about these darling rugs is that they're machine washable {brilliant, right?!}! No more having to worry about spills, spit-up and dirt! 
And since Lorena Canals rugs are handmade with the best raw materials {100% natural cotton and contain no toxic dyes or chemicals}I can rest easy knowing it's safe for even the tiniest feet in our home. 
  There are so many fun, whimsical and down right stylish rugs to choose from to fit just about any room in the home. And, now that I know my kids adore their rugs, I'm going to have to pick up a couple more to put in our playroom downstairs:).

If you haven't had a chance to check out Lorena Canal's cozy rugs, please do! We need more of these ethically conscious & family friendly companies out there!