Sunday, July 31, 2016

A Little More Function + A New Decor Store

 A special thanks to @AtHomeStores for sponsoring today's talk! 
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With the girls going back to school in a few weeks, I thought I'd fine tune their bedroom problem areas {for them that's their desk & closet} and make them a little more functional. I'm hoping this will be the magic formula for helping them maintain a tidy bedroom {and keep me from nagging them  asking them about it}!
They have a pretty small bedroom, so even the tiniest mess can makes the room feel chaotic. It reminds me of my college-days when I shared a tiny little bedroom and had little-to-no closet space. Decorating small spaces can be tough sometimes, but you can still totally make it chic unique!
 The main things I added to their room was these cute little baskets & hampers. That way everything has it's set place and it's easy to identify where items belong. I still need to get out my handy silhouette machine to make some cute images to put on the baskets {the hardest part will be to come up with a design}. 

The girls and I sat down together and sorted through all their clothes, toys and school art and put them in their respective baskets, as well as got rid of a ton of things {I can't believe the amount of junk they were holding on to}.
 We also added a few little decor items from At Home {my new favorite decor store}, to make it a little more fun. I found out about it last month and Its been a game changer ever since! Just the other day I found the cutest chairs for my office {can't wait to share the details of that space transformation}! 
The biggest thing for keeping the clutter to a minimum & making their space feel clean and spacious has been going through their "inventory" every couple of weeks and seeing what they really need and are using. That way, we can make sure our resident hoarder Hayden has brought home & collected 100 random little trinkets from off the street:D!
 If you're in the market for some new wall art, baskets, or cute back-to-school decor, I highly recommend checking out At Home! They have some really cute options at such a great value!
 Are you ready for your kids to go back to school? Here's a great Back To School checklist if you want to make sure you have everything.:)

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