Monday, July 11, 2016

Baby Woes= Mommy Woes

I mentioned in an earlier post that Madison had been sick this past week with a mystery illness. Well we now know what she had. 
Soon after her 105 fever broke she began to get a rash throughout her chest & back, it was very mild but enough for me to recognize what it was {especially after a trip to the doctor's office, hospital  and a bit of research on web MD}. 

 Turns out she had Roseola Infantum. It's a viral infection that is nearly impossible to diagnose since the symptoms are vague: a high fever, runny nose, irritability and lack of appetite. Could be anything, right?
At first we thought she might be teething since she's right at that age, 9 months, so we gave her some Finn+Emma toys in an effort to help soothe her as well as some fever reducing medication.  But she'd already sprouted 4 teeth last month, so I really didn't think that was it. 
And her fever only increased with the coming days and nights, so we knew it wasn't that {the nights were particularly hard, as she woke up in pain every hour} . 

Have you had a baby with Roseola? High fevers in babies is just so darn scary + not knowing what they have just makes it that much more frightful, because you have no idea how to make them better.

Thankfully it's been a few days since she had the high fevers and she's doing much better now. She is nearly back to her old happy energetic self {she is still a bit fussy, but that's to be expected after 3 sleepless nights}. Heck, I'm irritable, after just one restless night , let alone three :D! At this point I am just so incredibly relieved that what she has isn't life-threatening and she is going to be just fine in a few days time! 

There is just nothing in life as distressing as a child in pain, you just wish you could take all their woes away and make them all better! 
 I think tonight I will be squeezing my little princesses a little tighter and counting our blessings!