Thursday, July 7, 2016

Fourth Of July

I hope you had a wonderful Fourth of July! I know, that was forever ago, right? but this past week was really rough for us. Two of our girls got sick in the same week {Hayden got sick with the stomach flu & Madison with mystery illness} and it stole any & all of our motivation to do anything that wasn't absolutely essential!

Right before all the sickness struck, we celebrated Kyle's birthday. It was right after getting home from our month-long trip to California {so we were all a bit jet-lagged} & before our camping trip to the Great Smoky Mountains, so it was low-key and casual. It was perfect, I don't think any of us would have had the stamina to host a big shindig!
This year in lieu of a birthday cake we made brownie lava cakes. Have you tried these before? I think we have been living under a rock, because we'd never had these until our most recent trip to California {so so good!}. And this picture doesn't do it justice, they are absolutely delicious!
I think the fourth of July is every child's favorite holiday, and our girls are no exception. They love watching all the beautiful fireworks, getting more candy then they could ever eat at parades and playing for hours with friends at family gatherings. 
My favorite part is always at the end of the night, when we come home and do our own fireworks and I get to see their little faces full of excitement!
 Hope you had a wonderful holiday!