Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Camping Trip

We visited the Great Smoky mountains at the beginning of July and it was such a fun and wonderful experience! It was so beautiful and there were so many cool trails & waterfalls to explore! One of my favorite things we did on the trip was hike down into this gorgeous waterfall {that you see above} mainly because it was somewhat secluded and we got to play uninterrupted with the girls and it felt like we were the only ones outdoors!

We camped for a couple nights in a tent {we finally broke down and bought a large one, because our two-person tent just wasn't cutting it anymore :)} and the girls had a blast! Well, mostly, Hayden got the stomach flu on our way down , so her first night was pretty rough {poor girl had to run out of the tent like 5 times during the night :(}. But aside from the unexpected illness that struck our camp, we all loved the getaway from the city!

There was one thing that I wasn't all too excited for that happened... and maybe I shouldn't have been as shocked by it as I was but I was mortified when we saw a black bear on the trail {you'll see a pic when you scroll down}. Thankfully the bear trotted off after a couple minutes {even if they felt like an eternity } and nobody got hurt!

I promised the girls we would go camping again this summer, and with school getting back into session in a few weeks, it's looking like it's going to be a backyard camp out:). Which, I think they would still enjoy, because they're kids and they soak up every experience!

Ps. I had a really hard time narrowing down the pictures to a handful...so I didn't and there's a ton-so be prepared:)!
Do you have any fun trips coming up? Or anything you want to squeeze in before school starts up again?