Monday, August 29, 2016

Laundry Room Update & AirStone Accent Wall

Thanks to AirStone for sponsoring this project!  As always all opinions are my own.
Our laundry room is easily the highest traffic room in our home since it doubles as our mudroom. It's the first thing we see as we walk in from the garage & the last as we  get ready to leave, so, it's really important that it's clean, functional & if it's not too much to ask: pretty! Over the last couple of months we've made some DIY updates to our laundry room, namely: put in an AirStone accent wall, added tile flooring, made a laundry pedestal, painted the room and created extra storage via an Ikea shelving unit.

 One thing about our laundry room that makes it a difficult space to work with is it's size. It's barely big enough for the washer & dryer units, and when anything is left on the ground, it immediately feels chaotic. Below is another picture {from back when we were replacing the linoleum flooring} that better shows the depth of the room.
We had originally put up the shelving unit about a month ago, but the support brackets looked awful, and it really bothered me that we had gone through so much effort only to not like the end product. So, my sweet husband obliged me and replacing the support brackets for something that would be less noticeable. And then I decided I wanted to make an accent wall, to really make that room feel special and finished. I thought about putting shiplap on the back or making a pallet-board accent wall, but none of those felt right, and then, I stumbled upon AirStone and their gorgeous faux stone. 
They just came out with this beautiful new color called Light Breeze that I thought would go perfectly with my color scheme in the laundry room {which should be available nationally at Lowes later this year}, .
  The color is quite neutral, it has beige tones, greys and lots of white. It's really stunning in person and you can’t tell it's faux stone just by looking at it. The texture is rough and it is cool to the touch, just like real stone, the only notable difference is it's weight { and it's super reasonable price}.
Since, AirStone weighs 75% less than real stone & is made out of 80% recycled materials , it makes for some very easy installation. I love that you don't need to do any prep work to the walls {like adding backer board}, or own any fancy equipment to complete this DIY project! All you really need is their adhesive, a putty-knife and a hack saw.
Feel free to scroll through the rest of our laundry room update:).
I really love our laundry room transformation, it's so pretty! I owe a huge thanks to AirStone for that, because it made such a big impact in the overall feel of the space! The only problem, is now I want it all over our house:D! 
Alright, I'm off to go daydream some more. Thanks so much for stopping by!