Thursday, August 4, 2016

Teeny Baby Problems + Solutions

You always hear how rough acclimating to your baby's first year of life can be and how you need to sleep whenever baby sleeps...
Well, I'm here to tell you that's all true:). Even if you luck-out and have a dream baby that sleeps through the night and is a no-fuss feeder {which of course I'd no nothing about because none of our girls have been, especially our third}, you still have a house to maintain, laundry to fold and of course dreaded errands to run! I think the key is to pace yourself & find tricks & tools to make your days & outings easier! One of the things I found to be a total game changer while shopping was this darling Binxy Baby shopping cart hammock. Have you seen these before?
It's great because it removes the huge car-seats from your immediate line of sight, so you can actually navigate the store easier plus it lets you get a good amount of groceries into your cart. The first time I used it, I was just in awe of how cozy and more importantly quiet Madison was on our trip to Target! I could have shopped for hours {if I wasn't so dang tired all the time}!  
They have some really darling prints, but I opted for this quatrefoil one {this is cute for a boy and you can never go wrong with this}. Be sure to keep this in mind for your next baby shower, because they are a total must have, especially for moms of multiples! I can't imagine being able to fit anything into a cart with two car-seats! 

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