Thursday, September 1, 2016

Hello From NYC!

Hi Friends! I hope you're all having a great week so far! 

Yesterday, Kyle and I braved the nine hour drive from Cincinnati to New York City {thanks to my sweet mom flying into town earlier this week & agreeing to stay with the kiddos while we go gallivanting in NYC}. Right before we left though, I had a crazy urge to change all of our plans and make this a family road trip instead of a couples getaway. I was having some serious bouts of mommy-guilt about leaving them. But then Kyle reminded me of our plans and all the walking and sitting around we'd be doing {which they probably wouldn't enjoy too much}, they will all be okay for just a few days without mommy & daddy {or else that's what I keep telling myself:)}.

The first thing on our itineraries was a Broadway show. We watched Phantom of the opera, It was absolutely amazing! The stage & costumes were phenomenal and the acting was top notch for sure! 

Alright, we're off to explore what NYC has to offer! Wish us luck guys! Oh and if you have any good eats or must-see places be sure to comment below and let me know! Thanks so much!!