Tuesday, October 11, 2016

And Then She Was One!

Our sweet Madison is no longer a teeny baby!
 We celebrated her 1st birthday yesterday just the five of us and it was intimate, low key and cozy, in other words: just perfect!  

This year has gone by so incredibly fast! You know that saying: "it goes by in a blink", well it's so true! There have been so many moments when I have wished that time would just stand still and I could more fully soak in "the moment". Life has been so wonderful these days {of course not devoid of trials} but just full of happiness & laughter. I know a big part of that is because of Madison, she just brings such a beautiful spirit into our home! She is the sweetest little girl! One of her favorite things to do is to help clean up, I often find her crawling over to our mudroom and picking up the girls shoes and tossing them in the baskets. She is seriously such a wonderful helper! I LOVE this little stage of life she's in right now! 
Initially I was going to throw a huge birthday bash for Madison, but I came to my senses a couple days before her birthday and decided to spend her birthday with her, playing, snuggling and giving her my undivided attention. It turned out to be one of those perfect days {that you hardly ever see & remember forever} that are devoid of stress and full of kisses & laughter.  
The only thing I really wanted to make for Madison was a naked smash cake. I was a bit intimidated at first, but it turned out to be surprisingly simple, the only trick is having the right butter cream frosting recipe {I'll be sharing my favorite next week}. Luckily my first attempt at a naked cake turned out okay and it was really tasty too! 
When Madison was first reaching toward the cake she first glanced at Kyle & then back at me before she grabbed a handful {as if to say "guuuuys, you see this...I'm going for the cake, is this okay, please don't stop me"}. It was the CUTEST thing!
Our happy girl loved it! She is kind of a loud eater, so it's easy to tell when she approves:D!
Guys, this little tutu Madison is wearing might be my favorite thing in her closet! It's seriously so darling {and I may or may not have a matching skirt in my closet:)}! It's from  Tutu Moi, they make the most adorable heirloom-quality tailored fitted tutu skirts for girls & women! I just love their luxe skirts, if you don't already have one yet or want to upgrade yours, I highly recommend these!
Mallorie & Hayden couldn't help but get in on the cake action. I don't think Madison approved:)!
I am so grateful for this wonderful first year we've had with Madison to get to know her, love her more deeply and laugh with her! We're looking forward to a lifetime more of them! Can't wait!!! 
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