Monday, November 7, 2016

KidKraft Grocery Marketplace Review

A special thanks to our favorite kids furniture & play toy company: KidKraft for sending us this darling Market to review & explore with! 

Imaginative play is one of my favorite things for kids to do, because it encourages creativity, language development, role play, and so much more! Play kitchens (or in this case: grocery marketplace) are one of the best toy investments you can make, because they help foster imagination. Plus, you know these toys will get played with on a daily basis for many years to come from kids of all ages (so quality pieces are the only way to go).
For those who are curious, this is the kitchen we own (and I talk about it here). Our girls have absolutely loved this play kitchen, and it has seen lot of love over the years. Our daughters have grown quite a bit since they first received it, but even now, they still play with it often.
Because our girls have really enjoyed playing in their kitchen, we have decided to expand their imaginative-play-area to include this darling KidKraft Grocery Marketplace.
Here's what I really appreciate about this new playroom toy:
  • It's high quality, with sturdy construction, and made with wood. 
  • Large enough that multiple children can play at once.
  • Aesthetically pleasing & safe (so, no large plastic eye sores!)
  • Reasonably priced (currently on sale)
So far, it's been a kid-magnet! Even our baby Madison has been captivated by it. I wasn't sure if she'd know what to do with it, but apparently shopping is an innate skill :).
Under the counter-top you'll find two shelves & two hanging baskets that can be removed.  One thing my kids & I both love are these chalkboard labels. That’s right. Kids can use chalk to write down their prices or label their products for sales!

The majority of the play food you see in the Grocery Marketplace is from our play kitchen, but we did purchase a few things to make the market stand out. Like these darling crates filled with four different food groups, because it can help little ones to sort food and perhaps even spark a conversation about eating balanced meals. (you can find the food crates here for a lot less than what I paid). 

I was pleasantly surprised to find that the Grocery Marketplace included a wood cash register & credit card, since we didn't already have a cash register for them to complete their “sales” with. The buttons on top of the register have springs, so it actually pushes down like a real register and opens up to slots where you can put pretend money.  
We also bought this  Ice cream set which comes with two ice cream scoops & can pick up the scoops of "ice cream" and transfers them to the cones through the help of a magnet. Our girls think these are pretty awesome!
One thing I'm always a bit hesitant about when purchasing play furniture online is if it will be large enough for my girls to enjoy {ages 1-7}. Luckily, this market accommodates all their heights perfectly.
So far this has been the only thing the girls have wanted to play with lately. And, I can't blame them. This little grocery marketplace is darling and such a fun educational tool that inspires creativity, entrepreneurship and promotes sibling bonding.

If you're on the lookout for a Christmas gift or just want to add a quality toy to your kiddo's playroom, be sure to checkout KidKraft (they've been our favorite for years)!

Don't forget to check back later this week for our playroom reveal! 

Have you already started your Christmas shopping?