Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Simple Timeless Holiday Decor + DIY Art

A special thanks to Annie Selke for sponsoring today's post! All opinions expressed are all mine!
It truly is the most wonderful time of the year! This holiday season is my favorite of them all, and I have so much fun decorating for it and making it memorable for our family, but it always feels like it goes by way too quickly.  So, this year I'm resolved to make it last a little longer.
I know what you're thinking: it's not even Thanksgiving yet!  

But with the temperatures dropping into the forties this week, it gave me the extra little push to break into our Christmas decor and start making our home feel merry & bright. Okay, so I've only really brought out a few Christmas things, but it's already starting to feel so cozy! 

When it comes to my style I'd have to say it's simple, minimal and timeless with a penchant for rich textures & pattern.
Last month, as I was perusing Annie Selke's catalog, I spotted this chunky Ivory hand-knit throw and I completely fell in love with it! I knew I had to have it for this room! 
I also picked out a couple of these rope appliqué pillows because the texture is gorgeous and the pop of color is just what this space needed to make it feel more inviting. Now that I have them, I'm even more impressed with them, the quality is really great and you can tell they're built to last through many seasons.
  Over the weekend, I also tackled a few DIY projects, including this easy Holiday poster you see above. This 3' x 4' wall art is the perfect way to add a playful, timeless & whimsical element into the room. It only took minutes to complete & the finished product was very much my style.
 All you need for this project is :
hot glue gun and glue stick, 2 wood dowels {3/8 x 36''}, ribbon, and your favorite 3' x 4' poster-size engineer print. The digital prints were bought from here.
Start by turning your poster face-down. Then place your wood dowel half an inch from the bottom edge. Then add hot glue to the dowel going in a straight line from right to left.
Then carefully wrap the paper around the dowel. You want to do this as evenly as possible. Add another line of hot glue to the bottom of the paper-wrapped dowel to completely secure, then hold in place for thirty seconds and release.
Next, you'll want to cut two 32 inch pieces of ribbon, one to hang your art and the second for a bow to place on top. Grab your ribbon and hot glue gun and add a line of glue in the seam & side of the paper-wrapped dowel, then press the ribbon into it until it's affixed.
What did I tell ya, super easy right?
Now that I'm done with my holiday prep, I'm ready to whip up some hot chocolate, curl up by the fireplace and relax (maybe with an Annie Selke catalog).

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Happy decorating!