Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Thanksgiving Crafts & Merry Gifts

Today's post is a sponsored collaboration with KidKraft  & Halo® mandarins , two brands my kids and I thoroughly enjoy & can't get enough of! As always all opinions, exclamation points and spelling errors are all my own:)!
Are you ready for Thanksgiving? We're not even close! I'm kind of a procrastinator when it comes to... well, all things really, so Today we are heading to the grocery store and getting everything we need for our Thanksgiving feast. 

But before we go, I wanted to share some fun crafts Hayden & I did last week as well as an early gift we've been enjoying.
We made these darling Native American-inspired headdresses using gold card-stock paper for the headbands and color paper for the feathers. They are super easy & only take about five minutes to make. You can make these as simple or as ornate as you'd like by adding stickers, beads or pom poms. 
We also made these easy turkeys using Halo Mandarins, color paper, foam paper and googly eyes. These are simple to make, but are a super festive snack your preschoolers are sure to appreciate! 
To say Hayden loves crafts, is a serious understatement. She's the little tinker of the family, and she could easily spend hours painting, cutting and gluing things together without ever getting bored. 

Because of this, we've finally set up this darling KidKraft table and chairs for her down in the basement playroom. Now, she can have all her things in one place and she doesn't have to haul all her crafts up & down the stairs on a daily basis.
This Modern table & chair set  also comes in a beautiful pastel color, but I loved the sleek look of this white version, the minute I saw it. 
There are a couple things that really stand out to me with this table & chair set, the first being it's size & the second it's durable construction. 

Because, while the table is large enough for us to do crafts on, eat snacks and do homework, it's small enough that it isn't cumbersome or overpowers the room.

And like with all KidKraft toys & furniture this table is made to last, it's incredibly sturdy and very easy to clean. We've already had a few markers & crayons go on it, but thankfully it wipes off without any effort. We have been so happy with it!
If you're planning to get a play kitchen, train table, or doll house this holiday season, I highly recommend looking into KidKraft

All of our KidKraft toys & furniture have been well loved over the years, and yet they still look just as they did when they were newly built! Which I think speaks volumes of the workmanship of KidKraft!

If you'd like to see their latest collection or just want to be in the loop about fun giveaways, be sure to follow KidKraft on Facebook.

Have a wonderful day! Thanks so much for stopping by!