Thursday, December 1, 2016

Totally Swoon-Worthy

I can't believe the difference just a couple months has made in this little girl's attitude! Miss Madison (or more commonly referred to around here as: little stinker) loved calling the shots and having her way. 

This was especially true when I'd come around with the camera! She would absolutely refuse to look in my direction and would give us her trademark stinker-face (which involves her scrunching up her little face) whenever we'd try to coerce her into looking our way:D. This girl, knew exactly what she was doing!

But lucky for us, now that she's turned 13 months she's had a bit of an attitude adjustment (hallelujah). So, she's way more relaxed now, easy to entertain and just generally happier. I'm beyond loving this little stage she's in!
And her smiles are totally swoon-worthy & irresistible (I may be a little biased)! 
While we're on the topic of irresistible, did you see the darling Freshly Picked moccasins Madison is wearing? We admittedly waited way too long to get her a pair but I'm so glad we did! These little moccasins are exactly what she needs to protect her precious growing little feet. 
She's just started walking this past month, so she needed to get something soft, that wouldn't slip, and durable that she could continue to use in the next few months as she finds her stride & explores her surroundings. 
She's only just begun using them, but already I can tell they're something special. I really appreciate that these shoes don’t fall off like most shoes do. You see, they have a cozy elastic band that hold shoes perfectly on their tiny feet, so little ones can't make quick-work of pulling them off.   

Love, doesn't begin to describe how I feel about these precious shoes! 
Another thing I'm really excited about, is that they make these soft sole moccasins in Hayden's size as well as a hard sole variety for Mallorie (who is seven years old). So, they can potentially all sport their Freshly Picked shoes together!
I have to admit, there were a ton of gorgeous prints & colors to select from, and choosing just one pair for the girls was difficult! I went back and forth multiple times, but I ended of choosing Platinum for Madison, and Rose Gold for Hayden. I adore the metallic ones, because they're neutral enough to go with anything, yet give each outfit a chic feminine touch!
I love that Freshly Picked has created a shoe that can grow with your child from the earliest stages of life to the more rambunctious ones:)!

If you have a friend or loved one with little ones, I highly recommend a pair of Freshly Picked moccasins. These would make stocking stuffers for any child this Christmas!

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Freshly Picked. But all opinions expressed & hours obsessing over which moccasins I wanted my girls to own, are all my own:)!