Tuesday, January 17, 2017

New Year’s Resolution: Get Healthy and Lose Weight

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Now that Madison is over a year old, and she's sleeping like a champ through the night, I am finally ready to lose the excess baby-weight. Its been over a year and I still don't feel like my old healthy-self yet. And, I've had enough of it! I've been in a plateau for months and I'd really love a chance to "reset" my body and get back to feeling confident this year!

I have some big things in-store for this 2017 year and right at the top of my list is making myself a priority and regaining my health. For me, that means getting into the gym at least 5x per week and getting a good sweat-on + nourishing with a good balanced diet.
 I've always struggled with the latter. So, I thought if I was going to really have success this time around, I would need to get a little help in the food/eating department (and skip the fads and gimmicky diets) to experience real lasting results. 
So, I've enlisted the help of my friends at Jenny Craig & started doing their program.
Mainly, because Jenny Craig is a clinically proven and recommended weight-loss program designed to provide structure and support to help members lose weight and learn how to keep it off. I really want to keep it off this time!
The picture above was from one of my first visits with my consultant. I was so nervous then, unsure if this program could really work for me as I'd hoped. I've since lost 12 pounds, hooray for progress:)! (Results not typical. Members following the Jenny Craig program, on average, lose 1-2 lbs. per week.)

The thing about weight-loss is that even though it's such a personal journey, it's also a universal struggle that most of us go through at one point or another. And it's okay to seek guidance for the right tools to get you motivated and focused on achieving your weight-loss goals!

My consultant provides education on portion control, healthy eating habits and teaches me strategies (such as how to combine delicious Jenny Craig Meals and Snacks with Fresh & Free Additions that are rich in water and fiber) to keep me feeling full longer with fewer calories. 

I love that each week, I get to work with my Consultant on my upcoming menu, plus discuss any challenges I had the previous week and determine a game plan for the week ahead!
 A question I get asked often after sharing my weight-loss experience (thus far) is: "But, does the food actually taste good?". The answer is YES! I was a little nervous about this (because I'd tried Nutri-System, which also sent you food and it just wasn't tasty edible, at least in my humble opinion), but the Jenny Craig food has all been really delicious!

The food doesn't feel diety, it's hearty and really satisfying. They have more than 100 premium menu items created by 40 professional chefs, so the food is really yummy. Plus, I love that it's all very balanced. You can include your favorite fruits, veggies and even have yogurt a few times a week along with your prepared meals. 
Here's what a typical day looks like for me. 
I don't feel like I'm missing out on anything or compromising taste. The thing I'm finally starting to learn is that portion-size is KEY (okay, & it also doesn't hurt to have delicious balanced meals conveniently waiting for you in the freezer:D)! 

I'm really looking forward to seeing more progress! It's been such an awesome springboard into healthier choices and I'm just so motivated right now! 

Have you ever tried Jenny Craig before?
How are you doing with your resolutions?

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