Monday, January 23, 2017

The Worst & Best

After a week and half of feeling like I had the worst-case of the flu in my life, I finally decided to check in with my doctor and make sure I wasn't just quietly dying:D. Turns out, I had bacterial pneumonia in my right lung. 

And with Kyle also recovering from pneumonia in both of his lungs this month, it has made the beginning of this new year feel like the worst month ever!

This month has been a very humbling one, already. I have realized how incredibly blessed I am. Not just to have access to modern medicine (which is Amazing), but to have such a caring and nurturing husband that will not only tend to me and my needs but to those of our children, home and all while feeling pretty crummy himself. I think I married well:)! 

I'm also really indebted to my friends, who when I felt at my absolute worst & too fatigued to drive, they knew to come and watch my children, and take them to school, so I could get a few hours of sleep. I don't know what I ever did to deserve such kindness, but I am so grateful!

My heart is seriously so full right now! And as I type this my mom is hopping on a plane to come visit us and help us feel better. Ah, moms are the best!!! I'm so excited! 
|Dress:Poppy&Dot | Watch: JORD | Wedges: Steve Madden||

Have a wonderful day!